It is without a doubt that engaging in physical exercise can really help your overall
health, as well as make you better for sex.

That being said, doing some aerobic exercises, as well as some weightlifting can
certainly bring about benefits, but I know that not all people are committed to going to
the gym and doing a full-body workout.

Although I advocate that you get a personal trainer and perform exercises that they
recommend to you, if you are only looking to perform certain exercises that are known
to help improve your sexual performance, then you are in the right article.

Today, I am going to be talking about some of the best exercises you can do for better
sex. It is also important that you keep your body in tip-top shape and for that, you need
to nourish it by taking some of the best supplements for men.


Both men and women should start performing exercises that target the lower body since
this is primarily the region of the body that is used in penetrative sex.

That being said, exercise experts can agree that lunges can build endurance, strength,
and it also helps improve your balance, as well as core stability in the hips, butt, and
You can either perform stationary or walking lunges to receive the benefit.


This is one of the best compound exercises that you can do mainly because it not only
helps build strength but it also ensures that your testosterone production is at its peak
after performing this exercise.

Anyway, squats are great for improving your core muscles, butt, and legs. In fact, you
should always include squats in your exercise routine mainly because it is one of the
exercises that give the most bang-for-the-buck.


I know that men usually do not like performing cardio exercises, but they are actually
necessary for improving your endurance, as well as your heart’s function. You see,
aerobic exercises are some of the only exercises that can help improve blood circulation
across the board.

What exercises should you focus on? Well, you want to focus on cycling, running, or
swimming as these activities can certainly bring your heart rate up. If that is not possible
for you because you are overweight or obese, brisk walking would do as a start.


One of the best things that I love about push-ups is the fact that you can do this without
literally any gym equipment as you can perform this exercise just by dropping to the
Anyway, this particular exercise hits multiple muscles, including your shoulders, arms,
chest, and abs. These muscles work in tandem in some sex positions and doing them
can improve your upper body strength as well.


Kegels can help strengthen your pelvic floor muscles and this exercise can actually
benefit both men and women. It mainly targets the pubococcygeus muscle which, when
strengthened, can help produce powerful orgasms. Men can get an extra added benefit
as doing some Kegels can help prevent the negative effects of premature ejaculation
and erectile dysfunction.