I know that your first thought is to become rich. However, it’s actually the rich who are the hardest to make happy.

Despite having superb money to buy many things they neither need nor care about, their happiness is just a little higher than average. Why is this? Because, we become attuned to the environment we are in or the things we own. Until we don’t feel anything for it. We think that having the one thing we have always wanted and going to an environment we have always wanted to be in will make us happy every day, but in fact, human adaptability does not allow us to be happy for so long.

There is also the fact that the environment we are in when we make an emotional forecast is completely different from the environment we are in when we finally get the experience. For example, if we see people on TV going bungee jumping so high and so cool, we think we will have a great time too. It’s not until you’re actually standing on that high platform and the staff is helping you tie the rope that you feel your mind going blank and you’re afraid to let go of the pole. So to put it in a solid way, the reason we feel happy when we have money is because we have never really had it. 

The pleasure that time, or money, gives us is only temporary, because we soon get used to it. And it is how we use the time and money at hand that determines how much and how long we can feel happy. 

So, it is recommended that you should go and do more things that will make you rich in long-term experiences. That way you will look forward to it every single day and feel happy. What I would suggest to you here is to go and read some interesting novels, highly rated documentaries, TED talks by famous people and so on, because these things are very classic writings now. It’s not just studying that is meaningful but also enlightening to see the wider world scenery and to experience the minds of famous people.

Gradually, we become immune to material things, we stop cherishing them once we have them, and the joy we can feel is quite short-lived. But when we are given a certain life experience, such as travelling and learning a hobby like online casino in slots download , that joy becomes lasting. Because experiences stand up to memories, and even filter out the more we remember them. For example, we always feel happy when we remember our childhood or our school days, and the older we get, the more we remember them. Even if we recall our clumsy first dance or the first drawing with messy lines, we will feel that the experience is cherished. Compared to objects that have a shelf life, experiences are like a pot of wine that gets better as it sinks in, not only do they make you happy in the moment, but you also feel happy when you remember them later. 


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