The Things You Need to Know if Your Watch Glass Breaks

Buying a mechanical watch in Malaysia is not easy. There are tons of things to consider in order to end up with the best watch. Then, once you get hold of your beloved timepiece, learn how to care for it well. Avoid magnets, dirt and scratches. Focus on proper watch care.

One of the worst injuries your watch can get is a broken glass. If your timepiece ended up with a cracked glass, see a professional immediately. Check if the cost of the replacement glass is more than the amount of the watch itself.

What about scratches? Should you just polish the scratch on your watch, or do you need a complete glass replacement? Whatever it is that needs to be done, leave the job to experienced professionals.

Watch glass replacement

is different from watch servicing. Look for a reputable watch servicing company that has accomplished watch glass replacement jobs. Find reviews, and research on recommended watch servicing centers.

Why would the glass of a watch break suddenly?

These things really happen. No matter how careful and meticulous we are when wearing our watches, accidents can really occur. At some point, you will feel frustrated with yourself for being careless. Even small movements can glass the glass to break.

Most watch glasses are durable. However, it the impact is really strong. it can shatter easily.

Another common issue with watches is a scratched glass. Of course, sometimes, you can’t help but knock the face of your watch, and lean against something rough. The result? Lots of stretch marks. Scratches on your timepiece’s surface can obscure the view, and make it hard to read the time.

The scratches on the watch’s glass can sometimes be polished out, as long as these scratches are not too deep. You yourself can do this at home. It takes quite a lot of polishing, though.

Sometimes, since glass replacement is cost-effective, people just settle with it.

Chips and cracks on the watch crystal are also common. These issues are often ignored, they
should be fixed as soon as possible.

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