5 Blog Design Mistakes Ruining Your Content Marketing Strategy

If you are running a business, one way for you to help drive more traffic to your e-commerce website would be to create a blog so that you can use some content marketing strategies.

However, there are some entrepreneurs that do not take into consideration some important things when it comes to making a successful blog.

So today, I want to talk about some blog design mistakes that might be ruining your content marketing strategy.

Tiny Texts

There are some people that have the uncanny ability to read any website content even if it has a relatively small font. Well, that is just the minority. The vast majority of people want to read texts if they are big enough so that their eyes won’t hurt when doing so.

Make your content more legible by using a much bigger font size. You can use 16px as this can help make your content more readable across the board.

You also want to use proper line formatting so that you won’t strain the eyes of your readers.

Not Using Proper Paragraphs

People do not want to see wordy or lengthy paragraphs as it can be hard for them to digest what it is that you’re actually trying to say.

It is important that you separate your ideas through paragraphs. As a rule of thumb, paragraphs should be anywhere between 3-5 sentences only and should not exceed that number.

Furthermore, each line should only consist of 50-75 characters (including spaces) so that people can pause before reading the next line.

Not Using Lists

Proper text formatting is necessary if you want your readers to actually finish what you have written. This is especially true if you are trying to convey an entirely new message or if you want to talk about many different things.

Use heading and subheadings to separate your content based on thoughts or ideas. Use lists or bullet points if you want to talk about a lot of things under the same notion.

Not Having Any Media at All

Even if you are following proper text formatting and line spacing, if your content doesn’t contain any sort of media- may it be pictures or videos- then you can expect people to not finish everything that you have written.

That is because if your blog posts lack any sort of media, that can greatly reduce the engagement of your content.

Always include relevant videos and images, especially if they can help convey your message in a more effective and powerful manner.

Do Not Use Stock Images

Even though in the previous point that I encouraged you to add relevant images to your blog content, it is crucial that you do not use any stock photos. If you are using stock photos, your readers will deem your content as “too generic”.

It can really help immensely if you are using your own images and media content since your audience will know that you are really taking the time to create your post.

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