Believe it or not, social media is our modern-day norm now. With more than 4 billion users, the business minds are busy sniffing and make use of this powerful thing we call social media and combining them with their vending strategy. The study shows that social media has a global penetration of 57 percent. That is half of the world’s population! Speaking of success, right? This mass visibility the social media industry has is more than enough reason why big names and companies are busy with social media marketing. Now the stats sounded delicious and hopeful, now surely you are interested in social media marketing, right?

Well, it is not that simple. You need proper planning first. What is your company aiming for? Check the 5 whys about your company and have a clear picture of the direction your company is going to. This is important because social media will be your driving force to success, so the driver needs to be at the clearest state of mind or else you will get lost. Next is knowing your target audience. You cannot really target everyone unless your product and service are universal. Like if you sell shoes, you need to be more specific about your target audience, from the gender, the demands, the market, etc. 

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Also, using the right platform is important, whether it is affiliate marketing or not. Social media is not just about daily lifestyle as there are social media for every purpose. So do your research on which platform is the most suitable and focus on the data. From your content to your organization, everything needs to be planned well. One big thing all the marketing strategy does now is following trends. So, be on your feet and try to be as relevant as possible in your online marketing.

Digital Zoopedia, the best social media company in Malaysia, can help you thrive and get better in the online business world. Marketing plan online is the way to go nowadays, and Digital Zoopedia has assisted huge firms to succeed in so many years. They have just the right tools in helping your organization jumping into the digital era. They will help you with website building, social media management, and more. With their help, you may establish a more direct connection with your audience and it will be your instrument for growing your business and achieving success. The two-way communication with your audience is vital in making trust and have closer engagements. 

You can also develop your brand so that it is more recognizable to new consumers, that is with less money, faster, and more effective. Digital Zoopedia will also help you gain a deeper understanding of your business, that is through all of your audience’s data and graphs. Do a deep analysis of what has to be done for your business. That way, you can determine the next step toward success and redefine your strategy and increase efficiency. This is the next step for you in your company’s growth and Digital Zoopedia will assist you in website development, SEO, and social media marketing, so hop on now and be successful, that is Digital Zoopedia. 

It is not hard to find a forex broker in Indonesia. We are now living in a modern age where technology is pushing us closer to the future. If you ask people 20 years back, they will say now is the future. The truth is the world is constantly evolving and will always be. The power of the Internet has changed it all. From becoming an online business and successful entrepreneur to working as a forex broker. The Internet allows us to be more. Speaking of forex brokers, people tend to misunderstand what they do. Here is a simple analogy for you to imagine.

Let us just say you crave an apple. Red crisp sweet apple. What you will do is you will go down the street where the apple stalls are there right? Now, imagine the tables are turned. You are now an apple seller. What you will do is you will go down the street to open your apple stall so that people would come and buy your apple yes? That is how forex trading works. The down street is the market and the buyers and sellers are there to buy and sell currencies. Forex broker, on the other hand, operates like a middle man between these two sides. They will match up the perfect traders and buyers so you will get the perfect trading. 

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They provide so many top brokers for so many countries. We are talking about countries from Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, and more. A worldwide list is also available. FX Access filter and only provide the very best for their users. So for those who are experienced, or you are a beginner stepping into the forex broker world, they make sure that all of the options available are safe and fully credible. With more than 10 alternatives, their Indonesia lists consist of FP Market to Vextrader. Fully trustworthy, they are XM, Orbex, FxPro, TradeStation, FXGM, BDSWISS, Henyep Market, CMC Markets, CM Trading, Iron FX, RoboMarkets, IC Markets, and more.  When you into any of the available, all of the business information will come out. Summaries, reviews, even pros, and cons. Now, you do not have to worry about getting scammed or dealing with bad broker service. Never doubting your choice no more with the help of FX Access. So hop on now and deal big!

The beauty of this day and age is that people no longer have to commute to work just to earn money. In fact, people nowadays opt to work from home and they do so by earning equal or even more money than their primary jobs.

Today, I am going to share some genius ways you can legitimately make money online.

Launch a Startup

This is a known fact: You cannot get rich just by working in a 9-5 job. But the good thing is that you can actually earn more when you launch your own business.

There are so many business ideas out there but I would recommend that you capitalize on your strongest suits.
For example, if you are really good at graphic design, you can build a graphic design startup.

Create and Sell Software

Mobile app developers and software builders will really love this one. If you happen to know any programming languages that are used in the creation of some programs, then you can put that skill to the test by creating your own and selling them to the public.

Start Your Own Online Store

E-Commerce has become a major thing in this day and age and it is quite easy to sell products online. You can either sell it on social media or you can have your own dedicated website as well.


Many people who want to work from home will turn to freelancing. There are so many online jobs that you can take but again, it is best that you go with the things that you are good at.

For example, if you are detail-oriented, then becoming a virtual assistant makes sense. If you are good at writing, then becoming a blogger or creating articles are things that you’d want to consider.

Online Coaching

In the movie, The Dark Knight, Joker said to his fellow crime lords that if you are good at something, never do it for free. Well, there is some truth to that.

If you know a certain topic and you really know it well, you can provide online coaching or create online courses that you can give to people for a fee.

Launch Your Own Youtube Channel

If you are a natural-born entertainer, then perhaps you can try your luck in creating your own Youtube channel.

The platform rewards content creators that have a massive following by giving some revenues the more people that go to their channels.

So, if you have what it takes, then try it for yourself.

Do Some Podcasting

Podcasting has become a really nice way for you to not only inspire others but to also gain revenues as well.

Just like on Youtube, if you have success in this industry, your podcast will be more appealing to different companies. So, do your best!

Data Entry

This is a really easy job and all you have to do is copying and pasting stuff to and from one program to another. Because of how easy it is to do, your salary will not be as good as the other jobs. Still, it is income.

Sell Your Old Stuff Online

Although this is not sustainable, you can still earn money by selling all of your old stuff online. eBay happens to be one of the best platforms for this with Craigslist coming in a close second.

Become an Influencer

If you frequently use social media, then becoming an influencer should be second-nature to you.

Influencer marketing is on the rise and if people want to utilize social media for marketing purposes, then this is probably the one for you as well.

The affiliate marketing space is actually quite an interesting one. When you ask people what they think about the industry, they will say that there is potential for you to earn a passive income stream.

Although that is true that money can be had without doing anything, you need to set things up first before you can experience this. And, let me tell you right now that it is not that easy.

With fierce competition ahead, you need to follow a good and solid affiliate marketing strategy to help you. Unfortunately, I cannot provide the right tips for you simply because my strategy may not work for your website.

Still, you can craft your own goals by asking yourself these questions:

How Much Money Do You Want to Earn?

One of the main goals that you have to set for yourself is how much you want to earn in a given time. For instance, how much money are you expecting to earn in a month? In a year?

When making a financial goal, it is important that you look at historical data to see how much you can realistically earn.

Setting a financial goal right off the bat will let you know how much effort you need to put in so that you can earn that money.

Will This Be Your Main Income Generator?

There are some people that only want to do some affiliate marketing to generate a passive income stream. In other words, they become a marketer solely because they want to supplement their main income.

However, there are also those that want to make this their full-time job. If so, are you willing to put in the work necessary for you to make this a sustainable source of income?

Why Do You Want to Do This?

We always have reasons why we want to do something. Why do you want to become an affiliate marketer? Do you want to be closer to your family and affiliate marketing happens to provide you with a possibly generous income stream?

Or, do you genuinely want to help other people and you found a way to somehow monetize it to generate a sustainable income? Always ask yourself why you are doing this so that whenever you veer away from your goal, you know how to get back in the game.

How Many Platforms Will You Use?

One of the things that you have to do as an affiliate marketer is to promote your products to as many people as possible. For you to gain a massive audience, you need to promote using many different platforms.

You just cannot rely solely on your website because that is just one avenue. Utilize other platforms such as social media, affiliate networks, among many other things.

Did You Test the Product?

Although you can technically promote something that you haven’t tried before, it is best that you actually use it first before marketing it. Personal experience is always going to persuade people to buy something, especially if it garners favorable reviews.

Creating product review content is one of the best ways to promote your affiliate products. It can either be through a blog post or video content depending on your choice.

When creating such content, make sure to highlight all of the product or service’s features, as well as the pros and cons that your audience needs to know.

What Goal Will You Set for Yourself When It Comes to Conversions

You need to always track your conversions so that you will know how effective your current affiliate marketing strategy is. Fortunately, it is quite easy to do so as there are plenty of tools that help you track your conversion rate, as well as other important metrics.

For you to become an effective publisher, you need to be able to create compelling content. If you have that natural talent, then that is good. You can acquire affiliate programs and monetize your content in the process.

However, there are some people that do not know how to write well right off the bat, but that is okay. In fact, writing is just a skill that you can learn and improve.

Today, I am going to provide some useful tips to help you write well so that you can become really good at becoming an affiliate marketer.

Be Authentic

When you are writing articles about specific products, it is so tempting to write only positive things about it for fear that you are going to lose your affiliate links (and therefore, your commissions). However, you must resist that urge, and here’s why.

People actually go and conduct research on the products that they are intending to buy and if you create articles that tell them the truth about the products- meaning their features, build quality, and uses (among many others- then you will be regarded as a trustworthy publisher.

It also helps breed trust if you tell your readers right off the bat that you are affiliated with the company that sells those products, but do so in a way that tells them that you still remain unbiased regardless.

Try the Product and Provide Your Personal Experience

Being a good affiliate marketer means that you should build your credibility the moment you start enrolling yourself into an affiliate program. That being said, you should only write about the products that you have personally tested so that you can give some first-hand experience.

If you think that you can get away by just copying the content of others and twisting them in your own way, then you are wrong. In fact, people nowadays are quite keen and they can spot someone who just tries to copy someone else’s content.

Try the product for yourself, highlight the pros and cons, and give your opinions about it as part of your conclusion.

Don’t Be Afraid to Write About the Negatives

Most affiliate marketers out there are afraid of writing something negative about the products because they fear that companies won’t get them anymore. Although there are some merchants that do that (which you do not want to be affiliated with anyway), good and well-established companies actually love it when you provide constructive criticism.

It not only helps your potential buyers make a purchase decision, but it will actually also help the merchants improve their products as well.

Use Keywords

Optimizing your content is important for SEO purposes. One way to do that is to use keyword research tools to help you find the best ones that you can use on your content.

There are two types of keywords that you need to use on your posts- informational and buyer-centric. The former are words that can help inform users and the latter provides the means to convince people to purchase the said product.

Consider Post Length

Now, how long should your blog posts be whenever you write something? Well, according to Google, writing more in-depth articles take precedence and priority over shorter articles.

So, how long are “in-depth articles” exactly? Well, a good rule of thumb is that it should be at least 2000 words or more with the intent of providing quality information to the readers.