Continuing from my last article where I provided you with tips on how to select your internet service provider. If you are interested in reading about those tips, check out my article: Searching For The Perfect Internet Provider Part 1. Now, before I continue with the following tips on how to choose your internet service provider, be sure you check out Unifi Malaysia now


The most important component, especially for commercial customers, is reliability. It is frustrating and unhelpful to have inconsistent internet. If you work in a field where you can’t afford to have your internet service go down, you should look for an ISP that offers a Service Level Agreement (SLA). SLAs are service agreements that specify how dependable a connection should be. Customer service and dependability go hand in hand. Whatever the quality of the connection, something will go wrong at some point. Whether it’s due to ageing gear or a physically damaged line, there will almost certainly be problems at some point. The speed with which they can assist you in getting back up and running is a sign of good customer service. Most firms cannot afford to wait several days for new hardware to arrive. They require a higher level of service and a good service provider understands that.

Equipment Provided

In Malaysia, the majority of fixed-line broadband plans include telco-provided equipment. In many situations, the quality of the equipment does not differ significantly, and it only serves as a stepping stone into the world of broadband for the consumer. Some telcos levy additional costs or impose expenses related to equipment installation, which is factored into their rating. On a side note, many of the corporations who provide broadband do it through independent contractors who aren’t employees of the company. This creates a bit of a conundrum during the installation procedure. The issue is that the quality and attitude of these contractors vary greatly, which has a direct impact on the brand of the telco they represent.

Customer Service

Malaysian fixed-line broadband providers have made little headway in this vital area. We usually evaluate them based on the availability of support as well as the amount of assistance that the companies can supply. This encompasses a wide range of channels, including direct calls, online channels, and even the performance of service outlets.

Added Features

Value-added services are offered by some broadband service providers in addition to broadband. Some companies, on the other hand, impose some services on clients while others allow for comprehensive segmentation. The issue of dispute is how much flexibility consumers should have with their plans. Furthermore, there’s also the question of service quality, particularly when it comes to services that customers have no choice but to accept as part of the package and hence, pay the fees that were set by the internet service provider.

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So, the next time you’re looking for an internet service provider, be sure to consider these aspects before choosing one that suits your needs. 

Gamers like me, as well as my friends are often accused of being immature, still childish, and similar accusations by people who don’t understand this hobby. As a gamer, I think the PC is the best among all the other platforms. But to enjoy playing games on a pc at the highest level – with mesmerizing graphics and speed of movement of your game, you need to invest at least rm 3000 ringgit (at least), compared to other platforms that are much cheaper. Get slot games review


Usually a video game will be rated as the best based on several criteria. Well-known gaming websites like IGN and Gamespot will list the criteria of a best video game based on several features and one of them is STORYTELLING.

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Maybe for women or the older generation, you think that video games are like your day. Games at that time like Super Mario, or something like that did not emphasize much on the storyline. But not modern video games today.


I, on the other hand, am a gamer who prefers the storyline to the gameplay of a video game. For me, the more “deep” or the more “interesting” the storyline of a game, the more interesting a video game is.


Happy story, in my opinion, this game is more or less like you are reading a novel or watching television, but the difference is … we GAMER have the power to move the characters in a game and determine the journey of the character. This indirectly makes you immerse the characters in a story.


If you read novels and watch television, the power to move the character doesn’t lie with you, but this is very different from you playing a video game.


Okay … back to our main topic. How do I want to prove that playing video games is not for actual children, but for adults? I’m going to feature some of the best video game storylines I’ve ever played. You read and dive into the storyline, then you will understand why I disagree with this statement.


  1. The Last Of Us


For me, this Naughty Dog video game is the best video game in bringing a storyline that is able to leave a deep emotional impact on the players. Honestly, I cried three times while playing this video game.


What is so interesting about this video game? Let me take you on a short journey with me. The Last Of Us brings us themes and concepts that have been circulated too much in the world of gaming as well as novels and movies. But what sets this video game apart is that you learn a lot of pure values ​​and lessons. You learn what a FATHER’S SACRIFICE is.

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Wait … a video game teaches you what is a FATHER’S SACRIFICE? Yes … that’s what you can get from this video game. The story begins with the character of a man in his 30s who loses one of his daughters from a catastrophe that turns a human into a fresh meat eater.


Then, a dozen years later, he was somehow asked to bring a teenage girl, who was the age of his deceased teenage son across the already shattered United States to an organization. This girl is actually immune to the virus that is destroying humanity. He is the last hope for vaccine revenue. Indirectly, this slave girl reminded him of his daughter.


Then began the great adventure of Joel, and this teenage girl named Ellie. This great adventure evokes Joel’s feelings of affection for Ellie. But a father’s affection for his son. Nearly a year of traveling with Ellie, protecting Ellie from all distress has made Joel’s subconscious mind think of himself as a father to Ellie.


For everyone’s knowledge, at the end of this video game, Joel manages to bring Ellie to meet the organization.


Right now, I’m sure you’ve all heard about gambling. Let me enlighten you, for those of you who haven’t. Gambling is an activity in which people place a bet or gamble on something of value in the hopes of winning something of equal or greater worth. Naturally, the chances of winning are tiny, and it’s quite likely that no one will ever win. So, despite the significant risk of losing, why do people continue to do it? 

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It all boils down to the exhilaration of the possibility of winning a large sum of money. Hence, many of us tend to lose ourselves in the thrill of winning. Despite all this, one must always remember that gambling is a game that involves a certain degree of luck, no matter how skilled you are. So it’s best to keep yourself in check. Here are some tips on how you can accomplish that. 

Step 1: Never Borrow Money

The first, and probably the most important step to remember when you’re gambling is that you do not want to borrow money. Be it borrowing from your best friends, taking out a loan from the banks or lending money from loan sharks. These are all scenarios that you must avoid. Keep in mind that you are going to a place to spend your money on ‘play’, and that it is not something that involves a life or death situation. Not to mention, if you are an unskilled gambler, chances of you winning any money is nil, and you would probably lose all that you brought. 

Step 2: Bet What You Can Lose

Like I mentioned above, if you are an unskilled gambler, you should take care when indulging in this activity. That’s not to say that you should avoid gambling outrightly, though that would probably be for the best, if you still insist, you should only bet what you can afford to lose. And what I mean by ‘afford’ is that you won’t find yourself bankrupt and destitute even if you happen to lose all the money you gambled. You should, at the very least, have enough to carry you through until the next paycheck arrives. 

Step 3: Have A Budget

Probably the safest decision you can make when you decide to gamble is to have a budget. Of course, having a budget whenever you plan on spending your money is the safest choice, not just when you’re gambling. Bear in mind though, that having a budget is not the crucial part, what’s important is that you stick to it and do not go over your set limit. In your budget, you should all your expenses line out to make sure you even have enough money to bet on. Do not go over your set limit and if you don’t have enough to cover all your other expenses, just completely avoid gambling dens. This way, you won’t be tempted to spend money that you might not have. 

Bearing these tips in mind, you should be able to enjoy gambling without having to face bankruptcy later. Check out pussy888 download to play now. 

Slot machines have always been extremely popular among gamers of all ages. Gamblers used to spend a lot of time at land-based casinos’ appealing slot machines before the arrival of online casinos. To play on these machines, players had to turn the reels with a lever.

Things have altered dramatically as a result of technological advancements. You may now play these games online from the convenience of your own home. The next section discusses the numerous benefits of playing slots in an online casino.



The most significant advantage that internet casinos have brought to gaming enthusiasts is the convenience with which they can play. Players don’t have to drive large distances to reach their favourite casinos because these platforms are available online. They also don’t have to abandon their jobs in order to have a good time at an online casino. They have the freedom to play whenever and from anywhere they wish (even on the go).


Innumerable options are available to you

Slot gamers can choose from a broad variety of games when they play at online casinos. Even when it comes to reels, play lines, and themes, players are spoiled for options.


The Possibility of Taking Part in Slot Tournaments

As a passionate slot player who enjoys playing at online casinos, you will have the opportunity to participate in a variety of slot tournaments. The winners of the bulk of these competitions are awarded large sums of money.


Availability of the game

When you play at an online casino, you have the option of playing whatever game you like. You won’t have to wait for a certain slot machine to become available before you can start playing. To be more specific, when playing at online casinos, multiple players can play at the same time on the same slot machine.

At land-based casinos, the situation is radically different. You’ll often have to wait for other players to complete playing before you can get to your favourite slot machine in those actual gaming zones.


Simple Payments

You may have chosen to play slots online because of the wonderful graphics, incredible sound effects, and improved aesthetics provided by casino websites. What should impress you even more, though, is how simple it is to make payments on these websites.

The majority of top casino websites allow players to deposit using a variety of methods, including PayPal, debit card, credit card, cryptocurrency, and others. When you play at a physical casino, you won’t have as many possibilities.


Stakes that can be adjusted

The phrase “stakes” refers to putting a specific amount of money on the line in the hopes of winning a larger prize. Online casinos such as Mega888 download allow players to choose from a wide range of stakes ranging from a few cents to hundreds of dollars or even thousands of dollars by keeping the stakes flexible.

Even when playing in a physical casino, you will be able to select your stake. Online casino websites, on the other hand, offer a lot more freedom.

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As a result of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, everything has come to a halt. The stock market is down. The value of cryptocurrency has dropped. For the first time in a long time, both nfts and Ethereum are down. In most cases, the relationship is inverse. When one falls, the other rises. But that is not the case right now.


What is causing this? And the reason for this is that the globe is currently in a state of great uncertainty.


Nobody knows how much the crisis in Russia and Ukraine will worsen. Anyone who assures you that everything will be fine. They either know what will happen or the markets have reached their bottom. They are deceiving you. No one knows what will happen at the moment. And what’s happening right now is a disaster. It’s a terrible situation.


People are dying, and they are dying at the same time. The cost of a digital asset is less relevant than the cost of a cartoon monkey. What matters in times like these are items that maintain life, such as food and water, as well as weaponry. We’re also seeing an increase in the price of gold.


Historically, gold has performed exceptionally well during wartime. So, how about bitcoin? In this case, how will bitcoin behave? And the answer is that we have no idea. That is a component of the current situation. There’s a lot of dread and a lot of uncertainty. Will bitcoin function as a speculative asset or as a form of digital gold? We’ll have to wait and see how things turn out.


How will bitcoin, on the other hand, fare? if we do end up in a full-fledged war. The problem is that we don’t have anything historical to compare it against. However, we may have a peek at the stock market. What has been the stock market’s performance throughout previous wars? Moreover, during World War I, the stock market was closed for six months. The market plunged 30% in 1914 due to a lack of liquidity.

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The Dow, on the other hand, increased by 88 percent the following year. And it was up 43 percent from the start of the conflict, or 8.7% on an annualised basis. And then there’s World War 2. From the outbreak of World War II in 1939 to the end of the conflict in late 1945. The Dow gained 50 percent in total, or more than 7% each year.


As a result, the stock market in the United States increased by 115 percent amid two of the worst conflicts in contemporary history. When we examine the stock market, we can see that it was up generally even during two of the worst wars in contemporary history.


As a result, the only thing we can relate bitcoin to is the pandemic. And, during the start of the pandemic, bitcoin was severely harmed. It dropped as low as 3500 points.


After that, the uncertainty vanished. And we were well aware of the situation. Bitcoin has climbed to a high of $69, 000. And this is typical of what happens during significant events, such as war.


There is a lot of ambiguity in the beginning. And no one knows what will happen next. Markets are crashing. Then, as we get more responses, things usually pick up again. But, once again, we have no idea what will happen at this time. When you least expect it, accidents happen out of nowhere.


We had no idea that this would happen. But, whether it’s a war, a pandemic, or something else, all markets will crash. But, in particular, in cryptography. This isn’t the only one; there will be a slew of more in the future. And in that post, we spoke about how to prepare for more than just a crash. But it’s also about putting together a portfolio that can endure a downturn. Check out the latest cryptocurrency news for additional information.

As a business owner, you are always looking for ways to improve your brand and increase the amount of conversions. However, it is hard to find opportunities that provide good ROI. But now, you can not only invest in your marketing but also in your gaming experience with Trusted Online Casino Malaysia. Online casino Malaysia is a convenient place to play games and win cash. However, gambling in Malaysia can be a bit confusing, so here are the 3 benefits of a trusted online casino in Malaysia. A trusted Online casino Malaysia provides players with great games and experiences. They offer the best odds, exciting bonuses, and make things straight forward. Players can get in touch with support staff online or over the phone in case they need any help while playing their favorite casino games.

How to know if you are at a trusted online casino

One of the most important factors when playing in an online casino is trust. To play at a trusted online casino you can trust that the game is fair and games are fair. Malaysia has a long poker history, and online poker is quickly becoming one of the most popular forms of gambling in Malaysia. If you are looking for a trusted online casino with great games and unbeatable odds, then you need to look no further than one of the trusted online casinos Malaysia has to offer. Every gambler knows the importance of trust when playing with their money. It is important to look at the casino’s website and ensure that they are a legitimate site before making any online deposits. It is also important to check out how long the site has been in business, if it has been listed by other trusted sites, and other factors that could indicate a level of trustworthiness

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What is the bad side of the internet?

One of the main disadvantages to using the internet is that there can be such a wide array of websites and gamers are able to play at an amazing amount of casinos. This makes it difficult to know which online casino is safe and offers fair games. Luckily, you will want to find an online casino in Malaysia with a trusted reputation. Many real casino online malaysia have been around for many years and offer high levels of security and fairness. We live in a world where the internet has become an integral part of our life. It helps us stay connected with friends and family, gives us the ability to shop online and make purchases from anywhere, and allows us to take care of many other things. On the other hand, we also have to face the consequences that come with the internet. Some of these include computer viruses, fraud, cybercrime, privacy and security issues. When it comes to making decisions about which websites are safe for you to visit or whether your information will be protected online, it is important for you to look for trusted online casinos Malaysia that offer high-quality services at low costs.

While betting, it is crucial to learn the strategy to win! Gambling is often seen as a harmful and addictive habit, but so many perks! Here is how you do it!


The quantity of your bets is determined by your bankroll (the total amount of money you intend to invest in your games) and the amount of time you intend to spend playing on the roulette wheel.


Let’s take a look at some numbers.


A roulette wheel rotates 40 times each hour on average. Therefore, you must survive at least 80 spins if you intend to play for two hours.


The Martingale technique is one of the most often used betting patterns in the gaming world.


My best guess? People enjoy using the Martingale approach when playing roulette since it is the most straightforward betting technique in the world.


However, just because you can learn it in less than five minutes does not imply that the Martingale betting strategy works on the roulette wheel.


The main idea behind this betting strategy is simple: every time you put a bet and lose, you should place the identical wager but with double the money.

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By doing so, you ensure that you will break even and recuperate all of your roulette losses as soon as you win one wager.


While the Martingale offers the appearance of a safety net, you must exercise caution if you decide to include it in your list of preferred roulette methods.


Start with a minor stake permitted and constantly monitor the progression.

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The Grand Martingale Betting System is a type of betting system.

The Grand Martingale, a version of the regular Martingale roulette strategy, is another system that many players employ while attempting to defeat the game of roulette.


The Grand Martingale operates similarly to the Martingale but on a much larger scale. When you double your stake, you add a sum equal to your original wager.


The James Bond Roulette Method

The James Bond method, often known as the beginner’s favourite, is a combination of bets that gives you the best odds of winning in roulette.


To use the James Bond roulette technique, make the following wagers on the same spin:


€10 on the 0 and €140 on the 19-36 box

€50 on the box for 13 to 18.

What makes this one of the most excellent roulette strategies?


You only lose if the roulette wheel comes to a stop with the ball on a number between 1 and 12.

The safest bets in roulette have a nearly 50% probability of winning. These are the odds/even, red/black, and high/low combinations.


You could also start practising online to gain experience and train yourself to become a better player. Start with no deposit casinos in Malaysia! Yes, you read that right, no deposits! Thank me later!

The internet has hugely influenced many businesses, but gaming has experienced the biggest upheaval. It grew from modest beginnings to become a multibillion-dollar enterprise quickly. There are a plethora of online casino providers that offer entertainment and gaming services to people from all over the globe. To some, internet gambling is the most natural notion in the world. Others, on the other hand, may find it redundant. After all, you already have a local gambling casino in Malaysia, and you may like playing there. Why would you want to play online as well? Here are some of the distinct benefits of online gaming!

You can gamble everywhere. Online gambling is straightforward, quick, and easy! You can do it while wearing your jammies and sitting at your computer. It doesn’t get much handier than that. You may also bet using your mobile device. Most online casinos now feature applications for both Android and iOS smartphones. That means you may bet while travelling as long as you have an internet connection. One may play their favourite games at any time and from any location. On the other hand, most individuals prefer to play from the comfort of their own homes, where they feel most at ease.

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Smartphones and laptop computers have also had a huge influence. Studies have even been conducted to determine when consumers like to bet online the most. The data suggest in-between moments, such as commuting, waiting for a buddy, or an appointment. Desktops have also grown in popularity since many enthusiastic gamblers play gaming titles during work breaks.


The banking alternatives used by online gambling platforms are all fully secure and enable one to fund one’s account easily. There are many strategies for doing this, and consumers may choose the approach that best meets their needs. Many even provide extra incentives for utilising these services.

Your deposit and withdrawal choices are generally restricted when visiting a land-based casino. The quickest approach to do the task is with cash. Some casinos allow you to purchase chips and redemption tickets. However, having cash on hand, which isn’t always the case these days, is the greatest option.

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When you join a gambling website, you’ll often discover a considerably broader selection of banking alternatives, both for depositing and withdrawing money.


You can only play the available games on the floor when entering a casino. That floor space may be relatively restricted in casinos outside major gambling locations such as Las Vegas, Atlantic City, or Monaco. However, when you gamble at an online casino, there are no restrictions on what they may feature.


Consequently, you have access to an extraordinarily diverse range of games covering all areas, from strategy-oriented games to ones solely depending on chance. You’ll also receive a wide variety of possible returns, from games that allow you to play for a long period on a tiny budget to games that provide several jackpot possibilities.


Multi Level Marketing, or MLM is a form of network based marketing strategy that involves the sale of products and services through a non salaried workforce. The workforce is paid through commissions that they earn upon selling the products. The workforce can also be paid through commissions that they earn upon the wholesale selling of their products and services. These wholesale buyers are generally downline distributors. With its large workforce that is ever expanding, MLMs are one of the most competitive forms of business in the world. Due to the gig economy, more and more people are turning to multi level marketing. As a result of this, many companies have started looking for ways to make themselves stand out from the rest of the competition. An effective software for MLM is the answer to these companies’ dilemma. As a result of this, MLM software development market is booming. 

MLM Software Development

A comprehensive and productive MLM software allows people to convince potential investors without meeting with them face to face. In today’s fast paced world, getting face to face meetings is becoming more and more difficult. In order to combat this difficulty, companies have started to get creative. Instead of getting a face to face meeting these companies showcase their impeccable software and its advantages. This is more than enough for new investors to join. 


An ideal MLM system allows for the tracking of a company’s products, sales, profit gains, and losses, all in one place without any hassles or inconveniences. 


MLM Software is an MLM software development company that specializes in the creation and management of MLM softwares that are curated to best fit the needs of the client company in question. The company also provides MLM business solutions that will enhance your MLM business productivity. MLM Software also provides other MLM businesses with plan advisors and business consultants. It is all end to end based. The experts at MLM software also provide valuable insight on the market statistics, current market trends and demands, and demographics. All of this will allow the client company to make an informed decision in terms of deciding the direction of the company’s website. 

MLM Software Development

The MLM software team provides their clients with teams that specialize in planning, consulting, development, and support. It also provides a series of marketing software modules, each tweaked to best fit the client’s needs. 

  • Website Design and Landing Page Optimization

The MLM websites designed by MLM Software use innovative design and user friendly layout to help increase engagement on the client’s site. This will allow the visitors of the website to know what type of MLM business website they are one and how it can help them. The company will also ensure that it optimizes the client’s website so that it is more visible on Google. 

  • Steer your MLM Plan in the Right Direction

MLM Software provides consultations to help clients find the right direction for their MLM marketing plan by targeting the right online demographics. 

  • Customized MLM Software

There are plenty of things that one needs to keep track of when running a multi level marketing business. Using basic software to track it all might not be ideal. Hence, the solution lies within the customized MLM software that the firm provides. 

MLM Software Development


It’s no secret that online casinos are notoriously bad at turning a profit. As long as the casino is in business, it will always receive a cut of the winnings from its patrons. Video slots, for example, have a house edge of about 4 percent. The profit percentage always tells you how much money you will make or lose in the long run. A team’s winning percentage is virtually never 100%. All of this sounds great, but it doesn’t mean you can’t win money playing at an online casino instead. Instead, you may improve your odds of winning by being well-prepared, organized, and strategic when you play at the online casino Malaysia 2021.

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Licenses are the first step

To begin, you must have a firm grasp of the profit margins you’re working with. At an online casino, you should be able to rely on the win % for each game. You may only do this if you gamble at a casino that has the appropriate permits and certificates. It’s impossible to know for sure whether the outcomes will be random and if the expected win percentages will pay out until they have these.

As a result, the licensing information is always shown at the bottom of a casino’s webpage. You double-check this with the people in charge of the relevant games of chance. Next, search for evidence that the random number generator is functioning correctly, which may be seen in the certificates you get. In a casino where these fundamentals don’t line up, you’ll never be successful.

The rewards

Bonuses are one of the simplest ways to generate money in an online casino. These are freebies given out by the casino to both new and long-time patrons alike. It’s important to keep in mind that these benefits typically come with stipulations. Before you do anything else, be sure you have thoroughly read this section.

You may then make use of a bonus whenever you see fit. We’ll use a deposit bonus as an example. You have to play this 35 times in 30 days to meet the requirements, so plan accordingly. To begin, choose how much money you’d want to invest over the next 30 days and multiply that number by 35. This is how much money you’ve put into the account. Keeping track of your spending helps you stay within your budget and maximize your bonus.

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Games in which you always win

Some casinos feature games with a 100 percent win rate, which is unusual. To put it another way, you’ll always come out ahead over the long term. Of course, these are the games in which you have the highest chance of winning. ‘No 0 roulette,’ for example, is a nice illustration of this. There are 36 numbers in this game, and you’ll be rewarded 36 times for correctly guessing them all. When a casino introduces new games like these, it’s usually to pique the interest of existing clients. The money they make from the other games is what allows them to stay in business.