We often hear about network marketing software but do we actually understand what it actually is and how important it serves in the business marketing world? Well for starters, MLM software, often known as direct selling software or party plan software, assists multi-level marketing (MLM) organizations and their distributors with the sales and marketing operations. Multi-level marketing (MLM) is a sort of network marketing in which independent distributors are compensated for selling a company’s products or services to consumers directly. 

MLM software includes characteristics that are tailored to the MLM business model. Lead generation, email marketing, customer management, inventory management, and distribution are all prevalent features of solutions. MLM software can often be adjusted to suit the unique needs of a company’s strategy because direct sales organizations differ in size, structure, and industry. Individual distributors use the platform on a daily basis and rely on its functionality to earn commissions. While business leaders are often involved in the implementation and administration of the product, most likely the CEOs and high-level admins who use the platform on a daily basis and rely on its functionality to earn their commissions.

network marketing software

One of the well-known MLM providers in Malaysia is MLM Software System. They will provide you with empowering your business to the fullest until full access to customization. Purchasing the service from MLM Software Malaysia is your step toward having a one-stop solution to all of your quests in having MLM software for your business. Their experience in the business with the full guidance from the best experts in the industry, not to mention personal coaching will definitely be something you do not want to miss. You will also get programs, welcomes from the MLM community, and also maintenance services for your software. They will also provide you with an e-commerce app where you can observe and take notes about your business growth under MLM Software Malaysia. 

With full customization, their MLM software will give you full access, no boundaries to achieve growth in clients and revenues. The sky is only the limit and the very objectives and marketing goals of your business will be easier to achieve. 

Their ready-made MLM software is powered by nothing but the latest technology, makes it suitable for every business needs, available across all platforms, and can be used for the future. Plans like Binary MLM plans, sunflower MLM software, Unilever MLM software plans, MLM generation plan, broadband MLM software, and Forced Matrix plan are the options to choose from. 

The secret to your upcoming success in business is the technology used by MLM Software Malaysia. All the long-term goals and aims for your business will be achieved through the magnificent digital era. With MLM Software Malaysia, you will get an installed e-commerce shopping cart, available languages and currencies for all of the customers, international support and not to mention up to date performance review. The solutions also involve supplying you with an appropriate web design bundle that empowers you with the capabilities of the search engine world and web design. All within your budget, search engine optimization, modern designs, and a flawless consumer journey on the e-commerce platform.

Powerline adapters use the electrical cables installed in the house as data connections for a LAN. This simple solution allows you to use the Internet in more distant rooms or separated by thick walls. To do this, a first Powerline adapter is plugged into a socket near the router and a second near the receiver. There you connect it via an Ethernet cable to a computer or to a WLAN access point. However, for the Powerline system to function, the outlets used must be connected to the same circuit, i.e. normally to the same fuse. In case of the unifi internet package, you need to be specific.

  • Powerline: LAN via electrical network.
  • Powerline adapters transmit data via the electrical network.

unifi internet package

Extend the WLAN with a second access point

Instead of using a wireless repeater, the WLAN can also be extended with an additional access point – in other words, an additional WLAN. This is done either with an additional small device or with another WLAN router, which you connect to the existing router with an Ethernet cable. If a direct Ethernet connection from the router to the access point is not possible, you can also connect the devices via Powerline. The user manual for the access point describes the installation and necessary configuration of the WLAN. The   Swisscom WLAN-Box 2 also extends the WLAN range of the Internet-Box 2. Installation is just a push of a button away. WLAN-Box 2 is compatible with Internet-Box 2, Internet Box 3, Internet-Box Standard and Internet Box plus.

Access to the router

To change router settings, most devices require menu access through the browser. How to access the router is described in the user manual. You will also find the IP address or domain name there. You must enter this information in the address line of the browser. If you are using a Swisscom router, you can make settings with the My Swisscom Assistant program.

Select a radio frequency

For a long time, WLAN routers only transmitted on the 2.4 GHz band by default. Problem: This frequency is also used by devices like smoke detectors, motion detectors, Bluetooth devices, wireless boxes  and most importantly most other routers. The new routers also use the 5 GHz band and thus avoid possible sources of interference. If your router has both frequencies (dual band WLAN), your device automatically selects the most suitable frequency for your connection. This is the case with the Internet-Box 2 from Swisscom, for example. 

Are you planning to have a bachelor party for your friend who is about to be married? If so, then for sure you are also planning to hire sexy ladies like a stripper or maybe a topless waitress. Nothing can perk a bachelor party more than with them in the midst of the bachelors. This is the time when all the guests are purely in the male genders thus you can say that this is also an dependence party meaning no one will see what you are all up to. No one will tell your girlfriends if you have been misbehaving or being a good boy. 

best vibrator online in malaysia

A bachelor party actually is a night filled with excitement where all the invited guests are bachelors and strippers or topless waitresses to serve them and to give them entertainment. We can’t say that this is right but this is already a kind of tradition. Yes, and this is why it would add to the pleasure if your friend will bring one of those talked about best vibrator online in malaysia. They will surely complete the night!

But since we are talking about strippers or topless servers here, beauty and age are the aspects that you will probably prioritize. Though there are already many businesses that are providing them, still not all of them can be reliable thus you also need to do your homework in picking a company that you think can provide you with great entertainment through their strippers. For you to successfully end up with that company, you can refer to these tips below:

  • If you know of a particular company that provides topless waitresses, then you can contact that company and inquire about how to hire their waitresses. But if that is not the case and this is actually the first time you are hiring a stripper, then you can check online for companies like these. They too have their online link and in there you will be able to see pictures of the employed topless waitresses. 
  • A lot of things can go wrong in these types of deals especially when your guests might get drunk and they will start getting aggressive. Thus it is very important that you know very well that things that must be allowed and what are not allowed when having them in your care. One thing you need to make sure though is that the company you will do business with must be licensed and reputable. One way of knowing this aside from the online review is checking their previous clients, if there are big companies that have done business with them. 
  • Another thing that you need to do is to contact the management as soon as you know your exact schedule for the said event. Take note that not all strippers are as young as you prefer and as beautiful. 

One thing you also need to do is orient your guests to the things they can only do with the hired topless waitresses. 

Gambling has become a favorite hobby for many people these days. In the past, people that are known to enjoy gambling have been those with the high status because they always bet using a huge amount of money. It is hard for people to like gambling during those times because they can hardly afford to do so. However, things have changed with time. Nowadays, more people can afford to gamble since you can just gamble for fun while using an amount of money you can definitely afford. More people have adopted gambling as a hobby due to the thrill of the activity and the excitement they feel while playing a few rounds of betting games like Blackjack and Poker. With the rise of online gambling, it has been accepted by more people as it is very easy to gamble online using platforms such as malaysia online casino

malaysia online casino

Let’s see a few benefits of online gambling.

More Comfortable 

With online gambling, players can get more comfortable as they can do it at home. Online gambling can be accessed through the mobile applications which are very easy to download into iOS or iPhones. Using that application, you can gamble using your smartphones or PCs as long as you are connected to the platform. How comfortable is that since you don’t have to go through all the hassle to prepare yourself and drive to the casino? You can even play a few rounds of Blackjack online while laying on your bed with your pajamas. This also means that there is no pressure or nervous feeling that you commonly have to deal with as you go face-to-face with your opponents in a casino. You can play in any environment you feel comfortable with. 

The Secure System For Payment

It is understandable that people might be worried about online gambling since there is a risk that the payment system is not secure enough. Incidents such as fraud or transaction issues could easily happen if the site you use to gamble is not safe enough. However, the development of technology has been helping to add the level of security to these sites. Various new systems have been implemented to make sure any transaction done by the customers will be safe and secure. Besides, online gambling makes it easier to pay for the gambling since online payment is way faster and more efficient than the traditional way of payment.

Provides Safer Environment

Sometimes, it is hard for girls to go to casinos as they might be uncomfortable with the dominance of men there. It’s not like girls do not gamble, but the casino sometimes makes them get these unnecessary flirting or catcalling. So they tend to avoid going to casinos despite having a huge interest in them. With the option of online gambling, they can choose a safer environment to gamble in as they can just gamble from home. Both the guys and the girls can gamble online without needing to face people in real life.

Last Words

In conclusion, there are many benefits of online gambling. It is a good opportunity to grow your gambling skills anytime and anywhere you want without worrying about transportation fees or driving. What are you waiting for? Go and try them now!

Many therapists have been working from home, even long before the covid 19 pandemic. The pandemic may have for the point for pivotal change into both digital shift and a complete work from home shift. Therapists often work from home, by bringing their clients into their homes. OR rather, we call it the home office. Whether we are working from home in the traditional sense or the digital sense, therapists need an exclusive space as their home office. 


Therapists and psychologists often look for spare rooms when buying their homes in Denai Alam or Seti Eco-park. Wherever they situate, they aim to find a neighborhood that facilitates calmness, safety, and well-being. This is not only good for their own mental health but it is also good for the patients coming in for consultations to the home office. 


Like any other home office space, therapists are met with multiple challenges when building it. Perhaps even more than any other profession. They have to consider ways to make disturbances minimal when building a home therapy office. This means finding ways to minimize any disturbances from the delivery man, or the mailman, or any doorbells ringing or the dog barking from the neighborhood. So let’s take a look at some design and renovation tips to build a dreamy home therapy office. 

The Classic Couch 

Analytically placing a couch is one of the more common and typical touches in the therapist’s office. And somehow, we always expect a couch to be there. And therapists must deliver this in their office. But it is not all about the couch. It is also about the placement of furniture and selection of it in a manner that is customer-centric. In this case, it is patient-centric. Your patient’s needs come above yours when building your home office. This is also dependent on the type of therapist you are. If you specialize in child development and therapy kids. Your environment should be saying so as well. If you are a sex therapist or a marriage counselor, the office should also represent the same. 


Warm Tones And Colours In Your Home 

The tones you include in your home matter to the patient. From the moment they enter to the moment they reach your office, they develop pre-perceived notions and assumptions that affect their belief about your competency as a therapist. So make sure that your home is warm and a welcome place by playing with the hues, the color of the walls, art, and other additional interior design factors. 

Improving The Acoustics


Barriers To Separate Personal Life From Professional Life 

Oftentimes, we forget that we truly do not have privacy when the office is at home. But privacy is the most important thing when building a therapist’s office. Including privacy, there also must be a barrier from your personal to your professional one. Nothing happening outside of the office room should be barged in. Even if it means your mailman ringing your doorbell. Acoustics must be improved to make your space soundproof so that everything in the room is confidential between you and the patient. Along with acoustics, soundproof measures, and other initiatives to direct away doorbell rings, you must also take account of your personal relationships in your Denai Alam home. 




Mudrooms are a very common room and addition to homes. However, many of us still ignore the importance of this very common room in our home. Mud Rooms have one very important function. Their purpose is to contain all the messes, muds and wet messes. They displace the messes we bring in from the outside and locate it only to one region. We all need a specific space in our home that takes the brunt of wet umbrellas, muddy boots, dusty clothes and other little things that will ruin the ambiance of your homely living room and bedrooms. Mudrooms are equipped with the essentials to clean up all the outdoor gears and provide the space for big equipment that will keep our home and rooms clean.


If you are a mom, or a dad, this truly may be your dream. Having children and even pets means inevitable messes coming into our spaces. And it can be hard to keep children from making a mess out of everything. If you have pets there is no way to prevent them from bringing the dirt into our homes as well. Hence the only way to make it easier on ourselves is to make sure our mudroom is the first place we go in and clean up. 


Still holding off on having a mudroom in the sanctity of your Balakong home? Let’s look at some more benefits of a mudroom! 


Mudroom Can Improve The Organization 

One of the first and foremost things mudroom does is bring organization to your home. Stacking up on storage from wall to ceiling or including storage and hooks for different garments and items, will help your house look and feel much more organized. When we walk into our home after a busy day, it is pretty easy to throw our bags, coats, and umbrellas right to the floor and go up to our bed. But this only makes a bigger mess for you to clean up later. Having the necessary equipment designed right next to you as you walk in through the mudroom will help you with your belongings and the beauty of your home. You would not want to contribute to a growing mess in your home. 

Can Be Personalized 

Mud Rooms are some of the first things we see when entering our homes. So it is important to make sure this little space is up to our taste and preferences. Different people personalize their mudrooms in different ways. Based on our taste, everyone has their own unique idea of how their storage boxes will look or where their hooks and nooks go in the mudroom. Some people splurge a little to make sure it has color, vibrance and a welcome feeling. Others scale back a little and just do the bare minimum. 


Adding a mudroom will make our lives so much easier, hence a mudroom addition to our balakong home is also considered something that will improve the resale value. If you are looking to increase the asset value with small home renovations, including a mudroom is a fantastic idea! 

Women should really be happy with what’s available in the market these days as if they want to, they can surely look their best no matter where they are or no matter the occasion. Yes, we are in a pandemic and most of us are just at home, since we can’t simply go out every time we want to. We are not as free anymore, I take that, but it should not be enough reason to be a drag the whole day or the entire week for that matter. Whether you are single or with your partner in life, you can still look good to raise your mood in this depressing time. 


Yes, you can still look good even if you are just at home most of the time as there are so many outfits out there that are actually designed for home use only like check out lingerie online Malaysia for example. They come in different variants so you can comfortably choose one that will fit your mood. They have different designs, colors, fabric and so on. For sure any of them will make you feel beautiful and elegant, which you should be even when you are not planning to step out of your home. 

You might be surprised but some wives or single women are actually wearing lingerie even when they are at home most of the time. Check out why they are doing this:

  • They like the idea of being alluring when they are with their partners or even when they are singles. They like the fact that every time they look in the mirror, they like what they see and that even when they are already in their prime, they can still look good. You can also do the same thing. 
  • They enjoy shopping for lingerie because of their almost unlimited variations. No matter what mood they are in, for sure they will find something that will support it. If they feel like they want to be modest, they can find one and if they want to seduce their partners, they can easily find one as well. 
  • They like lingerie because this product supports their outfit. This can make their tummy flatter and can also push their breast so that even if they are already married, they can still look their best, like they don’t have kids at all. 
  • And lastly, married women who have husbands who seem to be ignoring them already, they find lingerie as the perfect tool to get their attention again. They stop wearing big shirts at home that will hide their figure and instead, they choose to wear lingerie. With such provocative item, their husbands seem to be more attentive and see them in a different way, like before they just get married. 

Yes, you will surely love the lingerie as well if you give this a try. This outfit is not for the slim and slender bodies only for as what is mentioned, one can find her type for sure. 

Business and customer relationships with the internet; The Internet supports businesses with attachment with customer interaction channels and shapes strong networks. Communication with internet platforms helps businesses gain new customers and retain existing customers. Improved customer service through global reach, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, more flexibility, cost savings, faster delivery of goods, increased professionalism, less waste of paper, and the opportunity to manage your business from anywhere in the world.

The Internet is one of the greatest inventions, giving people instant access to an endless source of information and entertainment. Knowledge, knowledge, and learning, as mentioned earlier, the Internet contains an infinite amount of information and knowledge that took days and from time to time even it takes months to receive letters from others in the past. But with the development of Internet facilitation, today looks grandeurs, you can send an email to anyone in the world, and often in less than a minute often. Additional methods of communication like chat and Voice Over Internet Protocol, (VOIP) also allow you to rapidly communicate with anyone in the world at where you like and wish. Online opportunities are also a place wherein people with common welfare can attach with betterment and talk about what they enjoy, or ask questions from other experts in the field. With the help of The Global Positioning System (GPS) technology, the Internet can help you navigate almost anywhere in the world. You can quickly navigate to a location or find a business in your area that can sell or provide the services you need.

Today’s search engines like time internet broadband are also smart enough to know about your site and help you in finding the most relevant content for your concerned area. For example, if your requirement is for a plumber and you are looking for “clamps,” here you will find a list of local lands in your area of concern. The internet offers access to your bank account to view your balance sheets at which you will overview your transactions, and send/receive money anytime, anywhere. Numerous facilities also allow you to view and pay whatever types of bills online.

Additionally, the great benefits of the Internet are online shopping, as it permits people to find out anything and buy thought-provoking items without having to go to a store. The internet makes it easy to access business-to-business price comparisons. You can also see what others think of the product. You can sell/purchase through online reviews that help you to make better selling/purchasing decisions. If you are involved in a corporation or want to sell/purchase products and services, then the Internet is the place where you can sell/purchase most products. Meanwhile, someone in the world who has Internet access can also find any business site; you have access to more probable clients than compared to a local grocery store. The internet is still active and always available, so you still have the potential to sell products every day. The Internet also allows companies to promote their products or services to anyone in the world or determine the exact demographic they want to reach.


There are other ways one can make money online by doing other online services; Collaborate with term internet broadband in Malaysia, work from home, and access to the global workforce; The Internet is a great place to collaborate with others from all over the world. Some online services can help you work with people from all over the world and can even speed up the production of new products and services with almost instantaneous communication. Countless businesses of today allow their employees to work from home using their computers and internet linking. The people who are working from home can give help to people to save money without having to pay for childcare. They also save money and time by eliminating day trips. If you are a business that needs a bulk of employees, then online time internet broadband services can give you access to job seekers from all over the world. Being able to hire someone from another country or place in the world gives you access to a wider group of talent and can be cheaper.

TIME internet broadband offers Malaysians the fastest broadband speeds in the country. Its concentration is on-time internet broadband only, but it covers the entire spectrum of the market, from mobile bandwidth to wholesale enterprise-scale bandwidth. Apply Time 100mbps Malaysia if you are a resident of Malaysia to get the best internet experience in your life. Apply and enjoy all the facilities of the internet that make one’s life better and more convenient. 

If you think you can start marketing online without using a website hosting company, think again as that is hardly possible. Well, if by marketing you mean, just using your social media platform, like your fb, twitter, or instagram, then that might be it. However, that strategy us quite lacking. That is only good if you are the only one selling such products. But I am pretty sure that is not the case, and in fact, in every product these days, the competitors are almost innumerable.

That is right, because of the tough competition in the business world, a marketer should be more strategic and the least he can do is to set up a website as your online store, the counterpart of your physical store. The website is the home of your products’ soft copies. This is also where your customers will process their orders. It goes without saying that such website should be accessible by everyone, especially that if you want to build your online presence, you should lure as many online buyers as you can to your online store.

So your website will be available for everyone, you need the assistance of a vps windows hosting provider. Well, finding one is not a struggle actually as you just type the keyword in a search engine and you will be presented with so many choices right away. But then again, the thing is, that is not your goal. Your goal is to look for a provider that will not fail you at all times as failing you can also possibly fail your customers, and for sure, you don’t want that to happen.

Yes, and this is why, you should be careful when choosing a web hosting company. There might be so many of them in the net but only a few are trustworthy when it comes to the quality of their services as well as their equipment. So, how should you make sure you end up in one of the few? The following tips might work. Check this out:

  1. The reviews will never lie. Maybe you have heard about paid reviews and yes, there are companies who buy them, but if you will carefully read every review, you can easily tell the made up ones and the real reviews. You can easily tell those reviews that are really from the heart.
  2. The reason you buy the services of a web hosting company is for your customers to be able to check your products and for them to make a purchase without disruptions. But that will not happen if you end up with those hosting companies that cannot promise 99.5% uptime. In fact, you might only end up annoying your traffic.
  3. Fast connection is another thing you should check. This is a no-brainer, but mind you, this is not automatic among the web hosting providers. So, better check on this as well.

The reason for the online presence is for your customers to be able to enjoy your products and your web hosting provider will have a big role for the success of this.

Every product is very significant; we cannot deny its importance ever. The sodium lignosulfonate series products can be adopted as adhesives in the briquetting process in vertical retort zinc smelters. The Sodium lignosulfonate series products can be used as reinforcing agents for embryos in ceramic, porcelain, and refractory industries. They can increase the fluidity of the grout and thus improve the:

Polycarboxylate Superplasticizers (PCE)

It has become one of the most important superplasticizers for concrete due to its superior performance. Compared to other products such as polycondensates, they thin cement even at low water-to-cement ratios, require relatively low dosages, and show high cast retention capacity. The high dispersal efficiency of PCEs can be attributed to the non-ionic side chains, which extend into the pore solution and act as a steric barrier to keep the cementitious particles separate. Furthermore, due to the adsorption of PCE, a negative surface charge is induced, which also causes electrostatic repulsion between the cement particles. However, a key parameter for effective dispersion is the thickness of the PCE layer adsorbed on the cement surface. According to the Ottewill Walker equation, high steric stabilization of particle suspensions can be obtained in particular by polymers that adsorb to form a particularly thick layer. Therefore, it is assumed that bulky, flat and sterically demanding polymers can produce an even stronger steric effect than comb-shaped PCEs.

The polymer penetrates much more into the pore solution, thus creating a greater layer thickness. Similar results were also reported for PCE with a branched topological structure synthesized by free-radical copolymerization of acrylic acid, polyethylene glycol methyl ether (HPEG), and a branched monomer, which was prepared in a two-step synthesis from diallyl amine, methyl acrylate, and trimethylolpropane. Incorporation of branched side chains into PCE in the form of a comb can also produce a greater steric hindrance effect, as demonstrated by Li et al. They found that the dispersion performance of IPEG-PCE was significantly improved after the introduction of polyamidoamine hyper branch side chains synthesized from ethylenediamine and methyl acrylate. All these previous results suggest that branched structures appear to be very useful for steric stabilization, which is why these motifs are attractive elements for the development of new superplasticizers. Unfortunately, its preparation often implies that multiple synthesis steps are tedious and time-consuming. Therefore, branched polymeric structures are required, which can be formed in just a few reaction steps.