Are you feeling tired? Before you reach for another cup of coffee, it is probably time for you to change your meal plan. That is because if you are feeling less energetic, you’re probably not eating the right kinds of foods.

Do not feel bad about yourself- most of the diets that people have today consist of foods that may actually lead to fatigue or lethargy.

Fortunately, it can easily be corrected by consuming the right foods. If you do not know which foods will provide you with energy, read on to find out some of the best out there.

I also want to point out that taking men’s health supplements should be considered since they can help give you an energy boost as well.


It is always a good idea to never skip breakfast as what you eat in your first meal can
truly dictate how your energy levels are going to be throughout the rest of the day.

That being said, you’d want to consume a combination of both protein and carbohydrates to provide your body with enough energy to help you complete your tasks and oatmeal happens to be one of the best in that regard.

Oatmeal contains a combination of carbs and protein that can easily help you jumpstart your day. It is a good source of soluble fiber which takes time to get fully digested- supplying your body with sustainable energy in the process.

Plus, you can enjoy your oatmeal as is or you can add your favorite fruits to it as well.


One of the cheapest proteins you can find on the market, eggs are great because they contain loads of nutrients your body needs for energy. It is packed with B-vitamins, amino acids, and other goodies.

Although it does contain some cholesterol, it can safely be consumed because it is not the bad kind. In fact, studies suggest that bodybuilders and more active people can see a great benefit from eating eggs.


An excellent source of vitamin C, lemons can actually provide you with an energy boost as well. Add it to your water first thing in the morning and you can easily make lemon juice just by doing that.

Lemons are known to not only provide you with energy, but it also prevents spikes in insulin and can help boost your metabolism too.

Chia Seeds

According to Dr. Carolyn Brown, a nutritionist, chia seeds provide you with the right mix of healthy fats, protein, and fiber which work in unison to give you an energy boost that lasts for a considerable amount of time.

Couple that with the fact that chia seeds can also be enjoyed in a variety of ways, consuming them just makes sense.


Dark chocolate not only helps you improve your libido, but because of its rich antioxidant content, it can actually help destroy free radicals in your body which will result in increased energy across the board.

That is because of its high cacao content at 70% compared to other chocolate variants.

Eating a block per week can help you receive the benefits.

Healthy Ways to Rev Up Your Libido

Healthy habits and way of life changes can expand moxie, improve your sex life, and perhaps help address issues, for example, erectile brokenness and female sexual brokenness. Sexual excitement and capacity are subject to a healthy cardiovascular framework and great in general health, so the two men and women can improve their sex lives by keeping up a healthy way of life.

Stop Smoking

The nicotine in tobacco is a strong vasoconstrictor. It limits the veins, which can prompt harm in the courses and veins.

The little veins in the penis are particularly vulnerable to harm – subsequently, smoking can negatively affect your sex life. In any case, there is something you can do about it: Quitting smoking can improve your sex life and increment low charisma.


Normal exercise can support the two men and women improve their sex lives and increment moxie. Routine exercise keeps the cardiovascular framework healthy, significant for a drive, and erections.

Exercise can build levels of sex hormones just as endorphins, assist women with feeling good, and improve self-perception, as per Jennifer Berman, MD, a urologist, and master in female sexual drug and executive of The Berman Women’s Wellness Center in Beverly Hills, Calif.

Decrease Stress

Stress management methods, for example, reflection and yoga, can likewise help improve your sex life. “Stress is a quiet executioner — more terrible somehow or another than coronary illness or even disease,” says Dr. Berman.

“It’s self-initiated, it ages your body, and is progressive.” Stress likewise raises cortisol and adrenaline levels, which can meddle with sex reaction hormones. “Recuperating hormones are discharged during reflection,” says Berman.

Get More Sleep

The absence of rest has been connected to erectile brokenness and female sexual reaction issues. Likewise, with stress decrease strategies, helpful hormones are discharged during rest, says Berman.
“In the event that rest is hindered by apnea, stress, prescription, etc., that influences cerebrum science just as a state of mind.” Getting enough rest can help increment your moxie and improve your sex life.

Farthest point Alcohol Consumption

With some restraint, red wine and other liquor may have a few advantages. Drinking can be freeing, and some liquor (like red wine) contains flavonoids, which may help secure against specific maladies like coronary illness and a few tumors.

In any case, in overabundance, liquor is a medication that is a depressant. Furthermore, it can intensify uneasiness, says Berman. Keeping liquor utilization to a moderate level is recommended. This implies one beverage daily for women, two for men.

Expend Less Caffeine

Caffeine is a vasoconstrictor, which implies it might negatively affect the bloodstream. Yet, there is some proof that chocolate, which contains some caffeine, can positively affect moxie.

While there is no conclusive evidence connecting caffeine to erectile brokenness or female sexual excitement issue, specialists do realize that caffeine can confine veins, so keeping utilization to direct levels might be the best practice with regards to charisma and healthy sex life.

Eat Healthfully

Eating an eating routine wealthy in bright, cell reinforcement rich foods grown from the ground is extraordinary for acceptable in general health, which thusly can help increment your drive and improve your sex life. The Mediterranean Diet, in view of healthy products of the soil and foods with omega-3 unsaturated fats, is magnificent for acceptable sexual health, says Berman.

She includes that supplements, for example, a multivitamin and cell reinforcements like CoQ10 and lycopene (which is thought to help forestall prostate disease), may likewise help support drive. Make certain to converse with your primary care physician about any good supplements for men so you can locate the best decisions for you.

So, do you have what it takes to make women go crazy over you? Although you might have some sex techniques under your belt, it is never wrong to find out new information on how you can satisfy your woman. By taking good supplements in Malaysia, it would help your sex life to be healthier and aggressive.

In this article, I will talk about some great sex tips that will surely make your woman want you even more.

Never Be Afraid to Talk About Sex

Women actually love their men even more if they openly talk about sex. You see, you may have had sex for 3-4 times a week ever since you got together, but as time progresses, you need to spice things up, which is why communication is always the key.

Talk about sex with your partner and ask them if they want to try something out. Having this new approach will allow you and your partner to know what both of you really want out of some kinky time.

Stay Healthy

An erection, as doctors would put it, is a barometer of how healthy your manhood is. If you are not able to sustain it, there is a huge chance that you’re suffering from a medical condition.
Perhaps your cholesterol levels are high or perhaps you lack any physical activity (other than sex). In that case, consult your doctor and be truthful about your condition so that they can give you a program that will help you with your conundrum.

Get a Good Exercise Routine

Part of having a healthy body is to make sure that your body is constantly moving. That is why you need to have both cardio and resistance training. I highly recommend that you do 3 days of cardio per week and the same number of days for weightlifting. Make one day as a day dedicated for rest (and perhaps sex?).


Although sex can be quite an enjoyable experience with your partner, it is also a good idea to hold off from time to time. You see, when you abstain from sex, it will just increase the sexual tension; making you long for your partner.

The more you long for your partner, the steamier the sex can be.

Don’t Forget to Compliment Her

Women, as much as men, would always find ways to make sure that their partner is happy, especially when it comes to sex.

If there is a particular feature on her body that always turns you on, always let them know about it. Also, if there is something that really turns you on like oral or anal sex, also make them know that too.

Foreplay is Essential

According to Matthew N. Simmons, MD, PhD of the Glickman Urological and Kidney Institute, he said that no matter how many years you’ve been with your partner already, do not skimp on the foreplay.

Having foreplay always ensures that you and your partner will have a much lovely time making love and it also increases the orgasms felt by both parties as well to ensure it will be last longer in bed.

Let Her Take the Lead Sometimes

Although men are always accustomed to taking the lead, sometimes, women want to do that too, so let them.

Change Things from Time to Time

Always be experimental in the sense that you’re willing to try out different things just to keep the sex as spicy as possible.