Things That Need To Be Done After Stem Cell Transplant

Wanting to go home

The discharge(d) procedure really starts a long time before your stem cell transplant procedure. It begins with the transplant team that could teach you and your essential caregiver about:

  1. An important precaution(s) that you will have to take with.
  2. Who will be the one who will be guiding and take care of you? What exact the job it will be? Who will be the backup caregiver if the other one will get sick?
  3. Important Things To Do After Get Discharged From The HospitalPreparing you home.
  4. Care about your center venous catheter.
  5. Taking good care of your mouth and your teeth.
  6. Foods to eat and to avoid.
  7. Activities you can and cannot do.
  8. When to call the transplant team? And when to call health care providers?

Possible happen(s) when before you can go home:

Generally, transplant centers don’t send patients home until the point when they meet the accompanying criteria:

  1. No fever for forty-eight (48) hours
  2. Keep and take pills
  3. Nausea, heaving, and the runs are controlled with the medicine
  4. Neutrophil check is somewhere around 500 to 1,000/mm3
  5. Hematocrit is in any event 25% to 30%
  6. Platelet check is somewhere around 15,000 to 20,000/mm3
  7. They have somebody to help them at home and a protected and steady home condition

Important Things To Do After Get Discharged From The HospitalIf you don’t meet these prerequisites, yet needn’t bother with the escalated consideration of the transplant unit, you may be moved to another oncology unit.

When you do return home, you may need to remain close to the transplant community for quite a while, contingent upon your condition.