Searching For The Perfect Internet Provider Part 2
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Continuing from my last article where I provided you with tips on how to select your internet service provider. If you are interested in reading about those tips, check out my article: Searching For The Perfect Internet Provider Part 1. Now, before I continue with the following tips on how to choose your internet service provider, be sure you check out Unifi Malaysia now


The most important component, especially for commercial customers, is reliability. It is frustrating and unhelpful to have inconsistent internet. If you work in a field where you can’t afford to have your internet service go down, you should look for an ISP that offers a Service Level Agreement (SLA). SLAs are service agreements that specify how dependable a connection should be. Customer service and dependability go hand in hand. Whatever the quality of the connection, something will go wrong at some point. Whether it’s due to ageing gear or a physically damaged line, there will almost certainly be problems at some point. The speed with which they can assist you in getting back up and running is a sign of good customer service. Most firms cannot afford to wait several days for new hardware to arrive. They require a higher level of service and a good service provider understands that.

Equipment Provided

In Malaysia, the majority of fixed-line broadband plans include telco-provided equipment. In many situations, the quality of the equipment does not differ significantly, and it only serves as a stepping stone into the world of broadband for the consumer. Some telcos levy additional costs or impose expenses related to equipment installation, which is factored into their rating. On a side note, many of the corporations who provide broadband do it through independent contractors who aren’t employees of the company. This creates a bit of a conundrum during the installation procedure. The issue is that the quality and attitude of these contractors vary greatly, which has a direct impact on the brand of the telco they represent.

Customer Service

Malaysian fixed-line broadband providers have made little headway in this vital area. We usually evaluate them based on the availability of support as well as the amount of assistance that the companies can supply. This encompasses a wide range of channels, including direct calls, online channels, and even the performance of service outlets.

Added Features

Value-added services are offered by some broadband service providers in addition to broadband. Some companies, on the other hand, impose some services on clients while others allow for comprehensive segmentation. The issue of dispute is how much flexibility consumers should have with their plans. Furthermore, there’s also the question of service quality, particularly when it comes to services that customers have no choice but to accept as part of the package and hence, pay the fees that were set by the internet service provider.

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So, the next time you’re looking for an internet service provider, be sure to consider these aspects before choosing one that suits your needs. 

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