Things You Should Never Do At Your Work
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By reading from the title alone, you’ll be like “I know how to behave at my workplace” well, yes. Most people do have common sense on how to behave at their workplace, however, there are a group of people who have no idea what behaviors are acceptable and not acceptable. And, even when you know how to behave at the office, there are certain things that you do, that you might think it’s acceptable but in reality, it’s not professional behavior to have at your office. 

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So, today we’ll be discussing what you should never do at your workplace if you want to be respected by your colleagues. 




This is one of the most unexpected behaviors that no worker should have. Whether it is with your work or your attendance. Tardiness reflects your characteristic that you are not taking your job seriously and you have no sense of punctuality. It’s only acceptable if you have solid reasons that are beyond your control, but if it’s like unreasonable excuses like you woke up late, or there’s traffic on your way to work. That is just unprofessional. 




I get it, sometimes complaining helps you to cope with your workload and complaining is something that most people do. However, too much complaining is never good because it shows that you have no feeling of gratitude for the job that you have. Besides, nobody likes to listen to you complaining every single day about your work. After all, it is your responsibility and your job so too much complaining is one way to downgrade yourself. 




Easily distracted is really annoying. You are being paid to stay at the office and do your job but instead, you are scrolling to your social media all day and not getting a single job done. I get it playing the mega888 game can be fun and exciting. But, you need to know what are your priorities, and getting distracted will not be helpful to finish all of your work. 




This is one of the worst trades that no one should have. Especially, when you are working in an environment with a lot of people, talking bad or, gossiping about them is just wrong. First of all, talking bad about other people is a bad thing to do and we have no idea what they are dealing with in their personal life and it is also not professional for us, to interfere with other people’s life. Who knows your habit of talking and gossiping about someone, we’ll come back to you in the future. 


Dress Inappropriately 


You have the right to wear whatever you want. But, keep in mind that this is a working environment where you are needed to be professional. If your company has a dressing policy, it’s important for you to follow that and if your company has no dress policy it doesn’t give you an excuse to dress inappropriately. If you want to be fashionable make sure that you are dressing appropriately. 




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