Top FOUR Factors to consider while choosing an Internet Service
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For most businesses and even homes, having access to the internet is as important as having access to other necessities. Most businesses rely on the internet for everything from client communication (email, VOIP, etc.) to credit card processing. Some businesses just cannot operate without access to the internet. In addition to their work needs, an increasing percentage of home users utilise the internet as their primary source of entertainment. The advent of social media and video streaming services is to blame for this. This article’s objective is to highlight some of the most important factors to consider when choosing an internet service provider (ISP) for your business or home.

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  • Availability

Unfortunately, this is the most crucial deciding factor in rural areas. A high-speed cable or fibre connection won’t help your business if the provider doesn’t serve your area. Surprisingly, many businesses and individuals have only a few options, one of which is usually satellite internet and/or broadband.

  • Speed

Even when demand is high, a company must ensure that it operates at a fast enough pace to prevent disturbing normal operations. For some customers, the most important factor in selecting an ISP is speed. They simply want to be able to connect to the fastest internet available in their area. This is largely dependent on your location and the services that you, as a business or a customer, have access to. Some customers have access to fibre connections with rates exceeding 1000 Megabits per second (Mbps), while others in rural areas are limited to 3 to 6Mbps DSL connections. Furthermore, just because a speed is advertised does not mean it will be provided. It’s a good idea to check with local businesses to discover what kind of services they provide.

  • Types of Connection

The type of connection utilised has a big impact on how quickly the internet “feels.” Satellite internet is known for appearing “slow” despite having reasonable download rates (Up to 25Mbps on HughesNet). The explanation for this is due to the laws of physics. Your satellite transmits a signal into space that travels around 22,000 kilometres. After that, the satellite in orbit communicates with a network centre to determine the required location. This information is then sent to an orbiting satellite, which then sends it to you. This action takes roughly 500 milliseconds, even if light travels at the speed of light, plus any additional request processing time on both the server and client sides.

  • Reliability

Reliability is the most critical factor, especially for commercial customers. The inconsistency of the internet is both aggravating and inconvenient. Customer service and dependability are inextricably linked. Regardless of the connection’s quality, something will go wrong at some point. There will very probably be issues at some point, whether due to ageing equipment or a physically damaged cable. Good customer service is demonstrated by the quickness with which they can assist you in getting back up and running. The majority of businesses cannot afford to wait several days for new equipment to arrive. They expect a higher level of service, which a wise service provider understands.


The ISP you choose is perhaps the most important decision you’ll make when it comes to the connectivity of your home or business. Hopefully, this essay has clarified the various factors that should be taken into account while making a decision. If you are looking for an internet provider, feel free to contact TM Unifi Malaysia

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