Why do vibrators give me better orgasms?

Ever wondered why you get better and stronger orgasms by using a vibrator? What is the mechanism behind the vibrator? Are vibrator induced orgasms natural or is it an unfair advantage? The answer is yes, a vibrator is an unfair advantage, as it is a man-made toy. Having sex while using vibrators gives more intense and strong orgasms as you have more control over your body. It also has batteries, sensations, and gadgets that your guy simply does not have. Your guy’s tongue, finger, or penis cannot match a machine’s precision. You can Check out Secret Cherry vibrator Malaysia here.

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So what is the science behind getting better orgams with a vibrator? Vibrator-induced orgasms are powerful, but orgasms that occur during sex with someone you care about are mind-blowing in a different way. It is more powerful because it shows that you’ve made yourself emotionally and physically vulnerable to another person. 


Because your body can become accustomed to relying on certain positions, sensations, or bizarre sex toys to get off, it’s critical to change things up. Try going without your usual orgasm device for a few weeks or months while you explore other options. Try different positions and be honest about what works best for you, perhaps girl-on-top with some manual stimulation will be more effective than missionary, especially if you typically used a vibrator for clitoral stimulation. If this person truly cares about you, it will bring him delight to give you powerful orgasms. The more communication there is, the better. 

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Obviously, there’s nothing wrong with using vibrators and other sex toys in the bedroom as long as you’re using them to enhance, rather than replace, sex with your man and you’re both on board. Some toys are designed to stimulate both you and your partner. A small bullet vibrator, is also discreet enough to use on your clitoris while you and your man are having sex. 


Vibrators are simply motors that run at various frequencies, which is why you’ll see some that are very low frequency, for people who prefer low-intensity vibrators. Then there are “very high-intensity vibrators,” which operate at higher frequencies. Eccentric rotating mass vibration motors are commonly used to power vibrators. 


Vibrators require an electricity source to spin the motor, which is typically provided by batteries  AA, AAA, or watch batteries. Some, such as the vibrator, use an outlet and a plug, which results in more power and thus more intensity. However, she added, they are not as widely used because they are not as portable as a vibrator. 

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Vibrators have no effect on nerve function. It’s just that once we get used to the intense sensation they provide, other types of stimulation can feel less intense and after some vibrator experience, you might prefer more intensity than you did as a beginner because you have more reference points. It all comes down to the relative perception of stimulation. Vibration is a true blessing because it makes achieving orgasm much easier with less physical effort than manual stimulation, and I’m all for anything that increases the number of orgasms in the world.


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